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While S.T.R.ON.G Temple Fitness & Personal Training started as a mobile personal training and boot camp fitness provider, its growth has lead to the opening of a facility! While four walls provides for increased comfort,stability and 24 hour fitness access, S.T.R.ON.G Temple will continue to provide its mobile individualized services and out door bootcamp style workouts.


  Halifax  Street Location 


407 Halifax Street Emporia Virginia 


As S.T.R.ON.G Temples newset location we will have his /her restrooms a spacious are of 2200 square feet of space that will be occupied by pieces of useful equipment to assist in the goals of weight lose and life change. We are located in the heart of Downtown Emporia. We will be looking to have a Zumba class in near future along with Massage Theroapy. A Nutrition Educator will visit with members twice monthly to help with eating habits and healthier eating. 

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